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Welcome to official website of the Shivwits Band of Paiutes the purpose of the Website is to provide information to the Shivwits Band members and keep them up to date on Cultural activities, upcoming events and the Shivwits Band meetings. There are many Band members that live out of state or out of the St. George area that are not aware of the happenings concerning our Band and this website will help them to be more informed.
If you are a Shivwits Band member, your input is of great importance to us, please feel free to contact any Council member or if you have information and would like us to add on our Sham News, feel free to write us.
If you are just visiting we welcome you and hope you get a better understanding of who we are as the Shivwits Band of Paiutes.

The Shivwits settlement in Sham has changed over the years, most of the early homes are gone and newer homes have been built east of the old site. The cemetery is still in use. The people of the Shivwits Band and the other Southern Paiutes remain a close-knit group. Their rich heritage and culture are very important in making them a unique and proud people.

6060 West 3650 North  Ivins, Utah  84738
Tele. # 435-656-9002
Fax # 435-656-8005


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